Our Activities

For more information, contact our president at Victoria_Popov@urmc.rochester.edu.

Our Activities

PONS provides accessible neuroscience education to the Rochester community. We focus on neuroscience topics relevant to each audience:

Educational activities for pre-doctoral students include:

  • Luncheon Roundtable Series (LRS): Panel-based discussions that emphasize basic and translational features
  • Journal Clubs with members of SIGN and NSFG

For undergraduates, we participate in a graduate school panel to help answer students’ questions on pursuing a PhD, MD/PhD, or MD.

For high school students in STEP UP TO MEDICINE, we provide an introduction to the brain and neuroscientific research.

Below are some of our LRS events.

2021-22 Luncheon Roundtable Series:



2019-20 Luncheon Roundtable Series:


2018-19 Luncheon Roundtable Series:




2017-18 Luncheon Roundtable Series: